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Friday, January 16, 2015

Who is this man?

Trying to identify this man whose photo was found among Watty Espy's things.  I can only guess that he lived in the Headland area and likely worked on one of the farms.
I have asked for identification help on Facebook.  So far, these are the possibilities:
Sam McNealy
Otis Floyd
Ike Thomas - has since been ruled out by Ike's gggrandson
Ben Simpson
Rook Bonds
Larry Smith, Henry County's historian: Allen, the photo of the man that you sent me some time ago to identify has been circulated thru the Headland older black community since I received it, and no one knows him.  They say he is none of the men that others have suggested to you that he might be. Sorry that I am unable to identify him for you.

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Anonymous said...

That is definitely not Mose but appears to be J.W. Redding who worked w/ Espy's for some 40 plus years. I got to know him when I started working w/ the Feed & Seed Store when I was in the 10th grade (1953). J. W. worked with the Espy Fertilizer Co. at that time along w/J.C. McNealy. I can tell you lots of interesting stories about both. J.W. was a good, intelligent man who would tell me about the days when he would make deliveries in a mule and wagon for Espy's, fifty pound bags of flour, sugar, etc.

Mose actually worked and farmed w/Major for some 60 plus years. He cut his foot w/an axe as a young boy and actually survived 'lockjaw'. My second cousin Dr. Thomas Woods would visit him, he said, weekly to doctor him for 'lockjaw'. They are many interesting stories about Mose if I can remember them. Billy