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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mrs. Mable

In the video, I can spot my siblings Leslie and Mark.

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Her name was Mable Williams.  She is Dr. Ted Williams' mother.

Her husband was Woody.  She could make a great pound cake too.

I remember orange juice and graham crackers.  Not the best combination, but it brings back memories.

I think the other sons are Norman and Larry.  She was a very sweet lady.

She had the whitest hair I've ever seen.  She would use nothing but White Rain Shampoo on it, and she brought her own when she came to the Beauty Shop.

Miss Mable was another one of Headland's icons.  She must have taught kindergarten as long as Miss Baxter and Miss Agnes taught high school. I attended in late 50s.

photos from Headland's Facebook page

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