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Friday, December 3, 2010


In 1956, Watty Espy served as a Democrat Delegate to the National Democratic Convention from the 3rd District of Alabama.  The first article shows the results of the election for that seat.  Running against Watty was none other than George Wallace.  Incidentally, Watty's grandfather J.J. Espy, Sr. served as an alternate Democrat Delegate from the 3rd District of Alabama to the 1916 Democratic Convention.

Then, two years later, in 1958, Watty Espy ran for State Senator.  You can see by the results in the article below that he fell short in the Primary.  Thus far, Watty is the last in a line of family politicians.   Watty's father M.W. Espy, Sr, grandfathers J.J. Espy, Sr. and Major Carroll, and great-grandfather Thomas F. Espy were in the Alabama State Legislature at one time or another. 

Watty stumping.

I believe this photo is of Watty (left) at a Lion's Club in Ashford, where he was going to give a speech.
The first fellow is Watty.  I think the second fellow was later an Ala agriculture commissioner.  The third fellow was Jack Bridges of Headland.  Have no idea about the fourth fellow.  - Larry Smith

The W. D. Griggs was the Willie D. Griggs who operated a country store south of Abbeville on present county hwy 99 between Abbeville and Oakey Grove.  His store no longer stands. He was a kindred of Winston Griggs of Headland. That was a race with George Penuel of Camp Springs community for Henry County commissioner of district 2. The Watty and Carl Farmer race was for the state senate. - Larry Smith, Henry County Historian

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