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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fish out of Water

An ancient parable is that a fish who was of a philosophical bent of mind was asking other fish, “I have heard so much about the ocean; where is it?”  And she is in the ocean!  But she was born in the ocean, she has lived in the ocean; there has never been any separation.  She has not seen ocean as a separate object from herself.  An old fish caught hold of the young philosopher and told her, “This is the ocean we are in.”

But the young philosopher said, “You must be kidding.  This is water and you are calling it the ocean.  I will have to inquire more, of wise people around.”

A fish comes to know about the ocean only when it is caught by a fisherman and drawn out of the ocean, thrown into the sand.  Then, for the first time she understands that she has always lived in the ocean, and that ocean is her life and without it she cannot survive.  - Osho
How could this relate to you?

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