Kade enjoying a sunset from the pier in Panama City, Florida. Lots of blog content to come!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

Adios Destin!

The morning of our departure from Destin, FL we went out to one of central beaches, near a well-known crab restaurant.  It was gorgeous - simply gorgeous.  After a walk along the beach and some photos, we then drove to The Doggy Bag to say goodbye to cousin Carol and her sweet black Lab, Friday.  Next appointment was to be back in Sunnyside (Panama City, FL), where a special guest would just be arriving.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Thai at the Beach

Our second evening in Destin, the plan was to have a Thai meal.  We had been talking about it for months, in fact.  Cousin Carol knows Thai food very well!  She and her family lived in Bangkok a number of years.  The goal was to get some fresh local seafood, which we did at Shrimpers, and then let Kade work her magic.  We took down (from Asheville) a number of ingredients and cooking sauces to make life easier.  Really fresh lemongrass, galangal and Kaffir lime leaves can be hard to find.  Other ingredients we picked up on a shopping excursion at Whole Foods with Carol.  We also brought along some Biltmore wine, but I can't remember if we even uncorked it.....perhaps that means we did!

Tom Kai Gai (Lemongrass Soup w/ Chicken)
Pad Woon Sen Goong (Stir-fried Glass Noodles w/ Shrmip)
Gaeng Ped Pla ((Red Curry Snapper)

and a delicious pound cake prepared by cousin Carol

lemongrass soup

glass noodles with shrimp

The object of the Red Curry Snapper is to put a piece of fried snapper in the bottom of a soup bowl, then pour the red curry (image just above) on top of it.

And what's a Thai meal without rice?!?  The lemongrass soup is always eaten with rice.

Carol's parents: Bragg Oates (my cousin) and wife Sarah

and this lovely profile portrait of Carol holding her daughter

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hand Over The Reins

The best solution to selecting the ideal restaurant in a beach town you're not as familiar with is to let a savvy local lead the way.  And if that local is family and they really know their seafood, it's really a no-brainer.  We drove over to Destin to spend a couple of nights with one of my Oates cousins (by way of the Solomon line), and she recommended Dewey Destin's Seafood.  There are a couple of Dewey's.  We went to the Crab Island location.  Sunsets are one of my passions these days, and this place was a fabulous spot to view one.  The overall atmosphere and vibe were  superb.  It's a little pricey, but very unpretentious.  You could imagine the fisherman eating there - that kind of place.  My scallops, Kade's soft shell crab and cousin Carol's fried shrimp did not disappoint - freshly caught, cooked just right, sensible portions (a major plus!).  Carol, having lived in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, has tasted some of the best seafood there is.  And Kade growing up in Thailand, world renown for its amazing coastlines?  Expectations are always high!  So thumbs up to Dewey's!  The sides were also done right.  And if you like iced tea that's not overly sweet, they have it.  The only negative to me was the desserts - the pies.  It was sugar overload.  

Carol taking a photo of me