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Friday, December 10, 2010

Roby Judson Lee

This is Roby J. Lee in France in 1918 during WWI.   Marc Willis sent me this picture.  He got it from Peggy Marley, Roby's daughter.

Roby's first wife was a teacher at Headland High School.  She died at a fairly young age, leaving Roby a widower.  Later, Roby married Sarah Frances Espy and became my great-uncle.

with Natalie and Leslie
Uncle Roby looks on as I pose while standing on Granddad Major's exercise bicycle.

In this photo I am holding a Big Bird doll and showing it off to Uncle Roby.  My brother Miles stands behind me, and one of our young cousins is in front of him.  That may be my mother wearing the white pants.

When I receive a bio of Roby J. Lee from the Baptist church, where he was the pastor for many years, I will post it on this blog.....possibly in this exact post, so check back later.

Brother Lee did it all. He led from the pulpit and in the community. He was "old school". Mother told me of going to see him one Saturday afternoon. World War II had started. Daddy had joined the navy and was on the way to San Diego leaving my sister and mom behind. She went to the church to talk with Bro. Lee and he was in the area behind the sanctuary. He was wearing his tie and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, mopping the floor! He used to pose as Santa Claus. He would come to the square on the fire truck and all us kids would go sit on his knee and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. I walked back to Daddy's store after telling him what I wanted for Christmas and mother asked me how things went with Santa. She said that I said, "I told him what l wanted for Christmas and that Santa Claus had on shoes just like Brother Lee's! I remember him going door to door visiting in the summer time. He was an encourager and was always interested in what young boys were up to. He had a true servant's heart and was a wonderful man. He was an example of a Godly man for all who knew him.  - Pat Davis

When Mama and Daddy came to the Experiment Station after the war and Auburn, Daddy had only attended the Primitive Baptist church in Haleburg.  Bro. Lee rolled up his pants and walked out in the field to invite daddy to join First Baptist. They prayed on their knees in the field that day and the following Sunday daddy was at church.  - Susan Starling Harman

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