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Saturday, August 3, 2013

18th Peanut Festival Parade

These four scans make up the upper half of the front page of The Dothan Eagle.  In time, I will be able to take a hi-resolution photograph of the entire front page and post it here.  Be sure to check the date and recipient of the paper.

Dinah Grace is bottom left.

Click here for images of my mother, Henry County's Civil War Centennial Queen.
And click here for images of the Alabama governor crowning her.
Thanks to scientist George Washington Carver and the boll weevil, peanuts supplanted cotton as Alabama's biggest cash crop. Dothan, Alabama - a mere seven miles south of my hometown, Headland, benefited greatly - becoming the Peanut Capital of the World! Within a 150 miles radius of Dothan, for decades, peanuts were king. If you ate peanuts in M&Ms and Mars bars, chances are the peanuts were grown in the Dothan region. If you made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ate packs of peanuts on a flight to Europe, there's a great chance Dothan contributed. The 65th National Peanut Festival just ended. Some of the big events were the beauty pageant, the greasy pig contest, the fair and the parade. I don't know the future of peanuts and I don't know that Dothan truly "rules the roost" anymore in the peanut category, but the peanut will forever remain part of Dothan. The golden peanut at the Dothan Visitor Information Center confirms this.  And, if you ever visit Dothan, be sure to drop by the G.W. Carver Interpretive Museum.  I actually served very,very briefly on the museum's board when I lived in the Wiregrass - just before I left for my Asian travels.

with my brother and a friend of ours

Dawn T. & Dawn H., from the Pacific Northwest


Anonymous said...

Heyyy Allen,

thank you so much for sending this...........you do a great job, and I do appreciate your remembering me. What some wonderful pics, and they do bring back some precious memories, even for me. Dinah and her family were special to us in Shorterville. The pics of the parade in Dothan were special---------I had been married less than a year, when that '61 photo of your mother was made. Ohhhh, the nostalgia of those days.

Thanks again.

Robt. E.

Anonymous said...

I still think of her often and love seeing pics you share. Lenora

Anonymous said...

We had a pageant that was a singing, dancing homage to the boys in grey - 1961. Brenda