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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Campus Outreach Involvement

These are university kids from good families, involved in a university Christian ministry that is pretty prominent in the Southern US.  Elsewhere in the US, Campus Crusade for Christ is really big.  This will show you a slice of life in Campus Outreach.  I went on these summer beach projects, where we studied the Bible and evangelized on the beach.  In fact, I was in the organization throughout my university years.  This group would not be considered a "cult" in the US, because it is mainstream Christianity.....however, it certainly has cult-like characteristics.  Listen to things they say.  On the plus side, were it not for this group, I wouldn't have been as interested in developing a deep friendship with Ulugbek and Timour, two Uzbek guys who studied at my university.  I also don't believe I would have had any inclination to go live in Uzbekistan for a year.  I would say that a majority, easily, of young people (Americans) in Uzbekistan are there with groups like these.

Baptized in the Gulf of Mexico - Panama City Beach, Florida.
(The second time I had been baptized!)

Click here to see how I spent my college summers.  Two summers were with Campus Outreach.

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ratherbenapping 10 said...

thanks for this, its interesting there really isn't a lot of people talking about Campus Outreach on the internet. I'm not sure why, I guess most of their activities are relatively harmless. I also went on a summer beach project. I personally had a really negative experience that made me later think that it had major cult like qualities but I never identified them at the time because it is a modern Christian group.
if you are interested i talk about my experience here :